Cool Spy Gadgets

The James Bond franchise is an international success story, unparalleled in the movie industry. DVDs, video game, board games and posters all contribute to the vast merchandising opportunities. James Bond toys and action figures are bought by children and serious collectors alike. New items come into the market place with each new film and there are also companies that specialize in used items from the classic films. Various actors have portrayed the spy and there are figures to represent each of them, including George Lazenby who only made one appearance as Bond. These are dressed in the familiar dinner suit or in different guises related to specific films. Other figures also appear, for instance, the iconic villains of Jaws from Moonraker and Odd Job from Goldfinger. Other James Bond toys include Wai Lin from Tomorrow Never Dies, Honey Rider from Dr No, Dr No himself and the evil Blofeld. There is also a figure of loyal colleague, Miss Moneypenny. There are toys, not a part of official merchandising but inspired by Bond stories, which are great fun for kids to role play with. They can pretend to be spies with their buddies, using walkie talkie sets and night vision binoculars. All these props help to fantasize being 007, including gadgets such as trick watches, space pistols and underwater diving gear. Bond has always entertained us with his array of new technology marvels, as demonstrated by Q. James Bond toys keep these memories alive with miniature sets of the real thing for example, the jet pack outfit from Thunderball. Transportation has played an important part in the movies. Bond is seen speeding round mountain roads with sheer drops, a beautiful woman in the passenger seat, chased by an enemy close behind. Many of these sports cars have gadgets and gizmos to delight the fans. James Bond toys manufacturers have produced die cast versions of the cars, individually and in sets. Classic items include the Lotus Esprit, complete with missiles and there is an underwater version powered by batteries. Another collectible toy is the gold painted Aston Martin from Goldfinger. Besides cars, there are the more unusual modes of transport such as the Moonraker Shuttle and the helicopter from The Spy Who Loved Me. There is also the bus from Live and Let Die and the Aerocar from The Man with the Golden Gun. Model kits for a number of these vehicles are popular with fans who like to build up their own.